Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Now Karthik School Of Pharmacy in Dilshukhnagar to Hoist Our Success Flag.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

I have great news for the entire “PHARMACY STUDENTS” who are pursuing/completed Diploma, Bachelors or even Masters and who aim to reduce to the health care costs in INDIA and love to serve the needy Indian people.
Now we are eligible to establish a “PHARMA CLINIC” (pharmacist as a prescriber) and we are not less under RMP’s.
For this we need a minimum requirement of a degree and then we need to undergo training under a MD of any government hospital across the country for a period of 6-12 months.
One should have strong basic theory knowledge. Then we can apply for the license as a community doctor and can run a pharma clinic.
Even a person who is Master in pharmacology can go for this type of clinic and he will be equivalent to a MD physician.
......... This kind of system has begun in “Andhra Pradesh” and hopefully can go across the nation with our support.
For example…today Dr. S. Suman (former employee of CIPLA), a diploma and bachelor degree holder have got the permission to start a pharma clinic on the name “sri ganga pharma clinic” CPM approved by govt of A.P
Here is his contact number +91-9573330424
Anyone can contact him to get the further details and wish him for his efforts to get this type of system in Indian health care system.
I hope with this step, we the “pharmacists” can play a major role in reducing the health care costs in the country which will lead to a healthy nation

Friday, 6 July 2012
Our Staff
1) Mr. Karthik Mangu
GATE: 99.55 percentile
Gold Medal in MS (Pharmacology and Toxicology) from NIPER-Hyderabad
Selected for International PhD Programme in university of Glasgow( World Rank 72) in Molecular Pharmacology Department.
2) Dr. Suresh Bandari
MPharm( Pharmaceutics)
Selected for National Doctor Fellowship
3) Mr. Hari Hara Teja
GATE: 99.62
MS(Pharmaceutical Analysis) from NIPER-Hyderabad
Stood 3rd In the Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis
Working as Drug Inspector in Ananthapur.
4) Mr. Amit
Gate: 99.82
MS(Pharmaceutical Analysis) from NIPER-Mohali
Working as Research Associate in Novartis
5) Miss. M. Akhila
GATE: 99.68 percentile
MS(Medicinal Chemistry) from NIPER-Hyderabad
Stood 2nd In the Department of Medicinal Chemistry
6) Mr. Ramana Chary. N
GATE: 98.41
MS(Regulatory Toxicology) from NIPER-Mohali
Stood 2rd In the Department of Regulatory Toxicology
Working as Research Associate in Novartis
7) Mr. Siri Kalyan
GATE: 99.90
MS( Pharmaceutical Formulations) from NIPER Mohali
8) Mrs. Sabeena
MPharm (Pharmacognocy) from Kakatiya University
9) Dr. Ramesh
Msc( Organic Chemistry), PhD in Physical Chemistry.
Qualified Twice in CSIR
President of Telangana Lecturers Forum
10) Dr. Rajesh
Msc( Organic Chemistry), PhD in Organic Chemistry
Qualified CSIR Organic Chemisty
Karthik School of Pharmacy from July 2nd Week in Dilsukhnagar
Flat No 303,
Tirumala Music Center complex.
Within six months of establishment Karthik School of Pharmacy Hoisted its success flag in NIPER 2012 with All India Rank in open category 18,25,31,49,61,67,78,90,98 only from a limited strength of not more than 30 students. I congratulate all our students for the success.
Best rank from the coaching institute in ANDHRAPRADESH is 18 if any one claims another rank below 18 KSOP is ready to fight against it because there is no truth in it we are going to prove
karthik school of pharmacy